How To Make 2000 Dollars Fast – 26 Proven Strategies

How To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

With bills piling up and big purchases to make, you may wonder how to make 2000 dollars fast online or in person. Although that may not seem like a lot of money to some, others see that amount of money as a way out of a hole.

In today’s world, there are a plethora of ways to make income, many of which people are unaware of. I documented over 200 ways to make money from the comfort of your own home so that others could start reaping the benefits of working remotely, too.

What could you do with an extra $2000? If you found out how to make $2000 fast, what would you spend it on? Bills? Rent? Vacation? Car payment? Investments?

No matter what you decide, I’ve laid out a bunch of ways you can make 2000 dollars in no time. So, let’s get started.

26 fail-proof ways to make 2000 dollars fast

Where Can I Get 2000 Dollars Fast?

1. Ask family and friends

hands of family members used to make 2000 dollars fast

Although many may find this to be a somewhat awkward situation, resorting to asking friends and family for help is not a bad thing! You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help you when you need it most.

Of course, $2000 is quite a pretty penny, so I would suggest maybe making a deal with the person. Perhaps you could write something out on paper as an act of good faith and assurance for the lender that you will repay them.

It may be an even better idea to ask multiple people for smaller amounts that can add up to your $2000. People may be more willing to say yes if you ask them for $200, rather than the full $2000.

2. Withdraw money from savings          

We all work hard for the money we earn and save, so I would save this option as a last resort. You can’t save much money if you’re constantly digging in it for everything. If you have an emergency, however, it may be worth it to pull some money from savings now and put it back later.

3. Credit cards

Credit cards are another way to get $2000 fast. Again, this shouldn’t be your first choice, especially if you have no idea when you’ll be able to start paying it back. Sure, credit card payments could be shy of $30 a month, but over time, that interest begins to add up!

If you have no other options, credit cards can be resourceful, especially even you can pay the money back quickly.

4. Become a Freelance Writer To Get 2000 Dollars Fast

a writer's pen and paper to make $2000 fast

Do you have a passion for writing or you’re just really good at it? You could consider becoming a freelance writer to create content for a variety of people. Bloggers, businesses, magazines, authors, and many others, like TextRoyal, will pay you for creating content for them.

If you can produce content quickly, then becoming a writer could be especially lucrative. It’s easier than authoring a  book or blog because those take countless hours to build and get traffic. Just write for someone else instead!

5. Become a Proofreader To Make $2000 Fast

pen and paper of proofreader who knows how to make $2000 fast

Are you someone that cringes at the sight of a spelling or grammatical error? You might be the perfect person to start proofreading. Many people need writers, but there are just as many that need proofreaders!

You can post your portfolio on a site like Fiverr, and you can even build your own business. I recently wrote about everything you need to know to be successful at proofreading, which will uncover many of the aspects you probably didn’t know, plus tell you all the best places to find work.

I also recommend taking some sort of training so you know for sure what you’re signing up for. Caitlyn made over $40,000 a year with her proofreading business while still working a full-time job! She has an excellent free proofreading workshop that will get you stepping in the right direction!

6. How To Make $2000 Fast From The Pawnshop

Getting a loan from the pawnshop is something people have done for decades. Simply take something you don’t need at the moment to the pawnshop and see how much they’ll pay you for it.

Be aware that the pawnshop will never give you the highest dollar that the item may be worth. Try to gather several items that may still have some value to them, or grab something that you know for sure has a high ticket.

Make sure you can make payments to the pawnshop each month so you don’t lose your merchandise!

How To Make $2,000 In Under 2 Weeks

Those options are great, but there will be interest and fees. Granted, if you only need the money for a short time, then perhaps you can bypass those extra charges. Instead, you may prefer to make $2,000 with a little more time to spare.

You can make $2,000 in under 2 weeks by selling your stuff, renting your space, flipping items, and other ways we will cover next.

7. Sell stuff you already own To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

You’d be quite surprised to find that you could very well make $2000 fast just by looking around and clearing out your space. If you’re like me, you probably have hoarded a few too many things. Using platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Decluttr, and LetGo, you can list your stuff for free.

8. How To Make $2000 Fast By Renting Out Your Spare Room

This spare bedroom could be rented out to make $2000 fast

If you have a spare room in your home that you aren’t using, list it online for rent. Some people are okay renting a room instead of looking for an entire residence. Think of it like having a roommate, but you get to set your own terms and conditions.

9. Rent Out Your Entire House To Make $2000 Fast

Are you someone that has more than one living space? Maybe you have an RV that you like to travel in. Or perhaps you don’t have anything extra, but you have a buddy you can crash with instead! Stay at a friend’s house while renting out your home and pocket that extra money each month. It’s a great way to make 2000 dollars quickly, especially if you have a large or renovated home.

10. Rent Out Your Boat Or RV To Get $2000 Fast

get $2000 fast renting out a nice boat like this one

If you have a boat or an RV, chances are you aren’t using it everyday. Each day you aren’t using it is a chance to make some money!

Not everyone wants to rent an apartment or house. Some would be okay with a small space like and RV. Choose your price based on competition in the area and how nice the space is. Don’t forget to think of how electric and water bills will be handled!

The average person, like myself, also doesn’t have a boat. Many will pay to rent your boat for a few hours. I’ve actually rented a boat before and it’s not cheap! So, renting out your boat just for the weekend could easily earn you $2000 fast.

11. How To Make $2000 Fast Renting Out Your Extra Storage Space

storage shed in yard to get $2000 dollars fast

You may have initially wanted to look past this one because you think you don’t have any storage space to offer anyone. Be creative and think again!

If you have a spare bedroom or space in your basement, people would love to use that space since it has heating, cooling, and isn’t sitting outside! This method can be used if you only have a garage or shed to let someone use.

Renting out storage space can get especially lucrative if you have some extra land are a large yard where you can store for multiple people—think cars, boats, trailers, mobile homes, etc.

12. How To Get 2000 Dollars Fast By Flipping Free Or Cheap Items For Profit

free sign on fence to find items for flipping to make $2000 fast

Something I always like to mention that I used to do is flip furniture. Not only can you find hidden treasures for free on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, but you might also get lucky to find items out by the curb!

Yes, that’s right. So many people put out perfectly usable furniture and other items by the curb for the trash. I once found a dresser in great shape structurally. All it needed was a little sanding and paint and it was good as new!

13. Wash and Detail Cars To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

a car detailer that knows how to make 2000 dollars fast washing this car

Do you know your way around a car pretty well with a vacuum and a microfiber towel? Washing and detailing cars might be your golden ticket. There are hundreds, if not thousands, or great car detailing products out there that you can get started with for cheap.

With all the people out there like me, who have neglected to clean their car for weeks now, they’re waiting on you to call them!

14. Rent Out Your Car To Make $2000 Fast

In today’s economy, getting a new car is not always in a person’s budget. Sometimes people only want to use a car for a few days then give it back with no further obligations.

Using a company like Getaround, which offers insurance coverage for your vehicle, you can list your vehicle for rent and make some extra money each month. The nicer and newer your car is, the more earning potential you have!

15. Flip Cars To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

I have a buddy that, for some reason, had a new car every time I saw him! Granted, they weren’t Mercedes Benz or Range Rovers, but still running vehicles nevertheless! When I asked him about it, it turns out he would get super cheap vehicles that may have something wrong with them, or not.

Then he would fix the issue and resell the vehicle for much more than he bought it for, which also covered the cost of whatever work he had to do to it. Sometimes all he had to do was a deep clean and the vehicle was good to go!

16. How To Get $2000 Fast With Food and Package Delivery

How to get 2000 dollars fast by delivering these packages

I used to work for a food delivery company, and it was one of the easiest jobs ever. Despite having to pay for my gas, I merely had to go to pick up a food order, take it to the customer’s home, and say, “Have a great day!” The rest of the time was spent in my car jamming to my favorite tunes. I suspect the same to be the case for companies that hire you to deliver mail and packages. You could most certainly make $2,000 in 2 weeks, especially if you factor in tips.

17. How To Make $2000 Fast As An Uber Driver

Although you probably hear about driving companies all the time, the requirements to become a driver are minimal, and you set your own schedule. The hype behind these kinds of jobs is well worth it, in my opinion, but only if you live in an area with customers!

I know someone in a decently sized city in Texas that makes over $2,000 in two weeks just by working Fridays and Saturdays! If you lived in my hometown of only about 9,000 people, however, then your odds of making such great money would be a lot less.

No matter where you live, the key is to work strategically. Park in areas where there are large events and people with the potential of needing a ride. The same goes for the time of day that you work.

18. Have A Bake Sale To Make $2000 Fast

how to make $2000 fast baking cookies

This one here is an oldie, but a goodie. Bake sales are very undervalued, especially if you’re someone who can throw down with some flour, a pan, and an oven. If you can make a large number of bakery orders, you could make $2,000 in no time.

19. Use A Temporary Job To Get 2000 Fast

In today’s shifting economy, there are a ton more temporary jobs than in the past. Sometimes companies need help with a time-constricted project, so they’ll hire you long enough to get the job done.

To find legit jobs, you can use Appen, Flex Jobs, or other job boards. Always remember to do your best work and you may find yourself getting offered a permanent position!

20. Clean Houses To Get $2000 Fast

this woman can make $2000 fast by cleaning houses

Are you a neat freak that knows how to make even the dullest metal shine? If you’re good with cleaning and organizing, I can bet there are tons of people out there that could use your help.

Sometimes we don’t have the time, energy, or ability to clean areas ourselves, so it makes more sense to hire someone to do it. Using platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, you may be able to find people in your area that would like your service.

21. How To Make $2000 Fast Advertising Your Handy Work

If you’re pretty handy in houses or with vehicles, don’t waste any more time! Get online and call up some friends to let everyone know what you’re good at and how you can help them.

Some great websites to get a profile started for free include Fiverr, Handyman, and Upwork. Make sure to build a brilliant profile that includes high-quality images of your work. Before and After photos typically pose the greatest impact!

22. Start A Removal Business to Earn $2000 Fast

Many times people may need trees, construction scrap, debris, trash, and even homes removed from their yard or land. If you have a truck, trailer, and any other moving essentials, you could advertise yourself as someone willing to help! You could even turn this into your own business, especially if you can get a few clients that need regular removal.

23. How To Make $2000 Fast Selling What You Already Know

how to make $2000 fast teaching others what you know

I know a person with the most trained dogs I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t have a dog training business, but he does respond to dog training inquiries from people that are willing to pay the price.

I’m telling you this because you likely have some knowledge that others are willing to pay for! You don’t have to have a P.H.D. in a subject to be able to teach others about it. Depending on how well you know the topic and what the topic is about, you could charge premium prices and make your $2000 in no time.

24. How to Make 2000 Dollars Fast Selling On Amazon FBA

There are many ways to sell online, including using Amazon Business. If you have your own products you would like to sell, then that’s great! But if you don’t have a product, you’ll need to do a little research before starting an Amazon store.

Make sure the items you sell are something in demand but without too much competition. For instance, if you want to sell custom cell phone cases, but you see there is only one company that’s dominating the industry, then perhaps you choose something else. Some people make $2000 on Amazon in a single day!

25. Manage a Food Truck to Make $2000 Fast

This food truck owner knows how to make $2000 fast

Are you a good cook that tends to make food orders for people anyway? Or maybe you have dreams of owning a restaurant, but that’s a little too pricey right now. Have no fear…the food truck is here!

No, seriously if you park your food truck in an optimal location with a lot of foot traffic, then you’re sure to make a lot of money fast. Just make sure you have all your permits!

26. How To Get $2000 Fast To Meal Prep for Others

Are you good at cooking and staying organized? Perhaps you’ve meal prepped for yourself and people have been asking you how you do it so well. There are tons of people out there that wish they could eat healthier but don’t have the time or desire to do all the cooking!

Jump on the health and wellness trend right now and start meal prepping for people! Use your social media and word of mouth to advertise your service. Most of all, post mesmerizing photos of the food you make to get people enticed.

Final Thoughts On How To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

As you can see, there are numerous ways to make $2000 fast. You can make 2000 in a day, a couple of weeks, or a little more time, but all efforts are viable ways to make it happen!

The hardest part is getting started. Don’t read this article and continue to sit there wishing the money would just jump into your hands! It’s doesn’t work like that. Get out there and show some effort then the results will follow!

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