160 Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs (The Ones You Never Heard Of)

160 Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs (The Ones You Never Heard Of)

Do you want to work at home, but want a non-phone job you can do from anywhere? Tired of seeing the same old call center at-home jobs? Well, my friend, you’re in the right place!

You’re about to find a giant list of non-phone work from home jobs that you have probably never heard of. These aren’t the same old jobs that you’ve read about 100 times already.

This is a fresh, unique list of remote jobs and companies that don’t require you to talk on the phone.

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Who are work-from-home non-phone jobs for?

You may be wondering if non-phone work-at-home jobs are for you or not. So, here are some of the people that may benefit most from these types of jobs:

  • Parents of young children
  • Those that live in a noisy environment
  • People who don’t have a private workspace
  • Individuals who don’t like talking on phones
  • Anyone else who wants to work from home and doesn’t care if they talk on the phone or not.

In other words, if your at-home job requires you to be on the phone, then you’ll also need a quiet environment to do it successfully. If you can’t provide that environment for any reason, then these jobs will be great for you!

Without further ado, let’s see what jobs you could be doing from your couch without talking on the phone!

Disclaimer: This post probably contains some affiliate links at no cost to you. See the affiliate disclaimer here.

Places To Find Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs

When you are looking for a job, you typically check places like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. Those job boards are great places to find legitimate work and they even have some great remote jobs to choose from.

To find remote work, you can still use those job boards, but you will need to do extra work to ensure the job is legit. Personally, if I find a job for a company that has no employee reviews, I move on.

That’s not to say the job isn’t credible. Sometimes I just don’t feel like researching to ensure the legitimacy of the posted job.

1. Flexjobs

Instead, the best place to find remote work is through FlexJobs. Every position they post has already been vetted and researched to ensure the listing is real before it’s approved.

Additionally, all the work posted on FlexJobs is 100% remote. Other job boards can’t guarantee such claims, even when you filter the results to only display “remote” jobs.

FlexJobs does have a small monthly fee of $15, but if you are putting in the work, you could easily find a job in 30 days. So check them out, and see what you find!

2. Fiverr

Another place to find jobs is with Fiverr. You can create a profile and bid for jobs that pay as low as $5 or as high as over $1,000! The tasks you choose to do will vary in pay depending upon difficulty, amongst other factors.

Any freelance job you think you could perform online, check Fiverr, and find jobs for it.

Other reliable job boards to find work from home non-phone jobs include

3. Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs as an Artist

work-from-home non-phone jobs as an artist

If you are an artistic person, there are thousands of buyers waiting to pay you for your work! You could showcase your art for companies that will connect you with the clients that need it.

Likewise, there are a plethora of art mediums that you can submit—it doesn’t all need to be graphic design.

You can also enter your art into art contests and win cash prizes or better.

What kind of designs could I be making?

Some project categories you may be considered for include:

  • Art & Illustration
  • Books & Magazines
  • Business
  • Advertising
  • Clothing & Merchandise
  • Logos & Identity
  • Naming & Branding
  • Product
  • Packaging
  • Web & Mobile Design

Those are only the tip of the iceberg! If you’re an artist, no matter what kind of work you like doing, there is sure to be someone that will value it if it’s quality and original.

Where can I find non-phone artistic jobs?

There are a TON of companies that you can submit work to. Some will also hire you as a freelancer. Boy, oh boy, do I have a giant list of places for you to choose from:

Okay, I’m out of breath…yes, the list is still going. Here are some more places to check for art jobs:

  • Leanin’ Tree – Submit art for greeting cards.
  • Logo Tournament – Compete in contests for various company’s logo designs.
  • Oatmeal Studios – Submit humorous art designs for greeting cards.
  • Rubber Stamp Madness – Submit art for an arts & crafts magazine.
  • TeeFury – Design and sell t-shirts.
  • TeeSpring – Create/sell backpacks, socks, shirts, hats, leggings, and more.
  • Threadless – Design and sell t-shirt, apparel, home décor, and accessories.
  • Wild Apple – Submit your art for home décor and wall décor.
work at home non-phone jobs you never heard of

4. Transcription and Captioning

Transcription is one of the most popular work-from-home non-phone jobs out there. Its popularity probably comes from how easy and straight-forward it is to do once you figure it out.

Although it seems like all you do is convert audio to text, there is an art to transcription. You don’t want to spend hours transcribing a single 5-minute audio file. If it takes that long, then you’re really wasting your time!

How do I make good money as a Transcriptionist?

To be the most successful at transcription you will want some training from a seasoned veteran that knows the ins and outs of transcribing.

One of the most notable people in this business is Janet Shaughnessy of TranscribeAnywhere. She’s been transcribing for over a decade and makes thousands every month running her own transcription business.

She offers a FREE transcription workshop that will cover the foundation of being a transcriptionist. The workshop also covers the myths about transcription and it will help you determine whether the job is the right fit for you or not.

So, before you start applying for transcription jobs, view her FREE transcription workshop. If you’re really interested in the topic, she also has a free eBook all about transcription.

Where can I find Transcription jobs?

Numerous companies that will hire you as a freelance transcriptionist. It’s best to do your research to ensure that the company is legit before you apply.

In the meantime, I have researched over 30 transcription companies that hire beginners. Here are some of the best-paying ones:

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5. Work-At-Home Non-Phone Jobs as a Chat Agent

Being a chat agent for a company could entail several tasks. The most notable job you will likely be doing is customer service.

As a customer service agent, you will assist customers with their issues. They might need technical, billing, or other support services, depending on the company and position you work for.

You can work part-time or full time as a live chat agent. In my experience, chat jobs are typically less difficult and stressful than customer service jobs that require you to be on the phone.

Even though this isn’t a phone job, though, keep in mind that you’ll probably still want a distraction-free environment. As a chat agent, you’ll need to respond to customer inquiries quickly, which you may not be able to do if you have a lot going on in the background and you cannot focus.

What do I need to be a Chat Agent?

Nevertheless, there are a few requirements you want to make note of if you want to be a work from home chat agent. This includes:

  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Fluency in English
  • Good punctuality, grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Ability to have multiple chat conversations at once

Where can I find work at home non-phone Chat Agent Jobs?

There are many places to find online chat jobs from home. Here are some of the most trusted sites that I recommend:

Some of these companies may not be hiring at this very moment, but they hire frequently. Even if the company isn’t actively hiring, though, you should still apply. That way, you’ll be closer to the first choice when positions open back up!

6. Work-At-Home Selling Your Crafts

craft sales non-phone jobs from home

Are you a crafty person that can make items that people are willing to buy? Then perhaps you could consider making more of your art!

No matter what you are good at making, there is likely to be someone willing to buy it from you. In fact, even if you don’t have any crafts yet, here are some that you can consider:

  • Candles
  • Carvings
  • Coasters
  • Crochet, Knitting, & Sewing
  • Flower crowns
  • Headbands & bows
  • Keychains
  • Lip Balm
  • Magnets
  • Metalwork
  • Paintings
  • Picture frames
  • Pillows
  • Soaps & lotions

Are you getting a general idea here? You can sell almost any kind of craft you can think of!

Where can I sell my crafts?

To increase the chances of selling items, you’ll probably want to list them on a site where people frequently search for handcrafted items.

Accordingly, here are some of the most notable places to sell your crafts:

7. Non-Phone Work-From-Home Jobs as a Business Designer

Although people can generate great business ideas, they may not be as good at crafting the perfect name for their business.

That’s where you come in handy. If you’re good with words and making compelling names, designs, slogans, etc., then rest assured people are waiting to pay you for your skills.

How does it work?

The process is quite simple. You can build your own business if you want, or use sites like Freelancer and Upwork. You’ll build a profile and bid on jobs.

Or, you can join a competition-type company. You’ll find jobs that interest you, create whatever the customer is asking for, and then submit your work. The hardest part about this method is that you’ll be competing against other likeminded individuals.

If you are good at what you do, however, then you could land a job rather quickly!

Where can I find a job like this?

Here are a few great companies you can consider:

  • NamingForce – compete to name businesses
  • PickyDomains – come up with domain names and slogans
  • 99 Designs – make designs for clients (web, clothing, logo, advertisements, art, packaging, books, etc.)
  • Fiverr
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MyPoints: Earn for watching videos and playing games. Get $10 FREE when you spend $20.

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8. Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs in Customer Service

Even in the age of technology, there’s nothing like talking to a real person when you need assistance with something. Computer automated responses can only provide so much.

When people think of work-from-home customer service jobs, though, they automatically think of talking on the phone.

Have you ever been to a website that has the little chat box in the bottom corner for you to interact with? Sometimes, those are real people you’re talking to. That’s the job you could be doing too!

Are there any requirements for customer service non-phone jobs from home?

There are a few things you may want to have before you start this job.

  • A service-oriented mindset is necessary. You should like helping others.
  • Have excellent written communication skills, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Basic technical knowledge would be quite helpful.
  • Some companies may require previous customer service experience.

Where can find non-phone at home customer service jobs?

Here are a few places to get you started:

9. Data Entry Work-At-Home Jobs

work from home non phone jobs in data entry with laptop

As a data entry worker, you will be inputting information using a processing system that will likely be provided by the company you’re working for.

You could input the information using simple software like Microsoft Word or Excel, but regardless, it will start by sorting the documents for entry then ensuring all the data is input properly after you’re done.

What are the requirements to be a Data Entry worker?

Although the job description is rather straightforward, there are still a few characteristics you’ll want to make sure you possess before you start a Data Entry job. For example, you’ll need:

  • Computer literacy and understanding of programs like Microsoft Office
  • High attention to detail
  • Proficiency in grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently

 Where can I find Work-From-Home Non-Phone Data Entry jobs?

10. Work-From-Home Education Jobs

non-phone work at home jobs teaching

Do you have an educational background or a college degree? Is there a subject that you are an expert in and would be willing to teach to others? Perhaps you should consider a job in education.

Now, before you get scared away at the idea, there are several ways you can deliver your message to students.

  • You can do 1-on-1 live sessions
  • Create a course that people can take without you being present
  • Teach in a virtual classroom setting
  • Answer specific questions via a messaging software or email

Likewise, you can teach a multitude of different types of people. Kids, teens, college students, adults, business professionals, and more.

Where can I find non-phone Education Jobs from home?

Nevertheless, here are some companies that offer education industry non-phone jobs at home, hiring for English Second Language (ESL) teachers and Academic teachers:

For ESL jobs, check these out:

  • Qkids – the BEST ESL company to teach kids ages 4-12
  • VIPkid – Earn $15-$22 per hour teaching kids ages 4-12.
  • Landi English – Up to $18 per hour teaching ages 5-10.
  • Lingoda – Teach English, German, Spanish, or French to adults online.
  • Lime English – $20-$25 per hour.
  • Education First – Up to $20 per hour teaching adults and kids in China, Russia, and Indonesia.

For Academic Teacher jobs, try these:

Use these platforms to teach any content of your choice by creating your own lesson plans:

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11. Non-Phone Work-At-Home Jobs Scoring Tests

Remember those standardized tests that you took when you were in school? Many schools referred to them as “state tests”, which is exactly what they were.

Who do you think scored all of those tests? Certainly, it wasn’t a computer grading the page-long essay questions you had to answer. Even the best algorithms can only do so much. So, this is where you come in handy.

As a scorer, you will be working for the companies that administer those standardized tests. Your task will be to grade the tests based on the criteria given to you.

Where can I find work-from-home Scorer jobs?

There are some great opportunities out there. Just keep in mind that students may not be taking tests year-round. Therefore, make sure to read the job description thoroughly just in case the position you receive is seasonal.

Nevertheless, I’ve got some great recommendation for companies you can start with:

12. Work-From-Home Non-Phone Tutor Jobs

work from home job virtual tutoring

Do you feel you are an expert in a topic and you’re willing to teach others all about it too? Perhaps there is something that you do as a mere hobby, but know a lot about the subject?

What on earth could I teach people?

Not sure? Here are some topics you may not have realized others are interested in learning about:

  • Academics
  • Art & Design
  • Business
  • Counseling
  • Dance
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Hobbies (i.e. crafts, cooking, flowers, magic, gardening, culture, and everything else)
  • IT & Programming
  • Language
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Yoga, Fitness, Sports

Where can I find jobs as a Tutor?

In short, many companies will hire you as a tutor. Here are a few to get you started:

13. Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs Doing Short Tasks

Want to make some extra money in your spare time? Your perfect solution is to do short tasks that humans do better than computers do.

What will I be doing?

Some examples of short tasks you may be doing include:

  • Image & Video processing – analyzing images and videos by tagging objects, classifying the proper categories, and helping companies choose the best product image.
  • Data Verification – you may verify business information, such as contact details and hours of operation, or you may check for duplicate content.
  • Information Gathering – answering questions like in surveys
  • Writing content
  • Proofreading
  • Copy Editing
  • Research
  • App testing
  • Mystery shopping

This list could be a mile long! These are only a few examples of small tasks you could be performing in your spare time.

Where can I find work-from-home jobs doing Short Tasks?

Nevertheless, here are a few of my favorite places to find quick work:

Another article you may like is 32 Ways to Make $300 FAST.

14. Get Paid To Give Your Opinion

boy with non-phone job at home doing surveys on phone

One of the easiest ways to make quick money when you have a few minutes of spare time is by doing surveys.

With surveys, you will answer easy questions like “How often do you shop online?” Usually, surveys take anywhere from 1 – 15 minutes. There are also longer surveys that may take up to an hour or more, in which case you could get paid $90 an hour with some sites! Others cap at around $50 for their longer surveys.

What are the highest paying work-from-home non-phone Survey Sites?

Although you could probably find hundreds of survey sites out there, most of them are not worth your time. Others are complete scams.

Therefore, you’ll find where I detailed the top 25 highest paying survey sites to earn $800 per month. Amongst those, here are some of my favorites:

15. Get Paid to Test Websites

woman with non-phone job testing websites on laptop

Have you ever been scrolling through a website and really wish you could tell the site owner how poor (or excellent) your experience was? Then, you’re thinking, “Why waste my time.”

Well, now companies want to know what you think about their website so they can make your experience as good as it can be. The hard part is finding out what you’re thinking (sorry, they can’t read minds, unfortunately).

The only way for companies to get inside the mind of the consumer is for the consumer to tell them exactly what they’re thinking.

Guess what? YOU are that consumer! In other words, companies will PAY you to tell them what you think about their website before they launch it to everyone else.

Oh, really? What will I be doing?

As a website tester, you will view a company’s website and follow the instructed tasks they provide. While you work through the series of questions you will continually express your thoughts and feelings of your experience with the website.

The tasks and questions are typically very simple. For example, you may be asked, “Locate the ‘Shop’ page. How easy was it to find?” Then, you would verbalize your experience finding the ‘Shop’ page.

That sounds easy enough. Where can I find work-from-home Website Testing jobs?

Here are some of my favorite, legitimate website testing companies that I make the most money with

  • UserTesting – I have made $60 in a little over an hour with them. Get paid weekly via PayPal.
  • Userlytics
  • Userfeel
  • What Users Do

16. Non-Phone Mystery Shopper Jobs

aisle of supermarket for non-phone jobs mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is one of my favorite ways to make quick money. Have you ever been to an establishment and thought to yourself, “Boy, they should really change that”, “It’s been 10 minutes and I still can’t find an associate!”, “That representative was so helpful…or not.”

Well, somewhere down the line, companies started to realize that business isn’t always up to par. Above all, they wanted to find out how customers were treated when the managers weren’t around to make things run smoothly.

As a result, some innovative person thought, “If you pay me, I’ll go undercover and tell you how your business is running when you aren’t there.” GENIUS.

Where can I find a Mystery Shopper job?

Now, there are tons of companies that have joined the “secret shopper” club. Here are some that I recommend you checking out, some of which I personally use:

17. Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs as a Writer

woman sitting on floor with laptop for non-phone writing job from home

Are you someone with a passion for writing? Why not turn that passion into a way to make money each month, or maybe even a career?

Regardless of your writing experience or style, someone is willing to pay you to write.

What type of content can I write?

You can write almost anything, considering the thousands of types of companies out there. Nevertheless, I can give you an idea of a few topics you can write about:

  • Academics
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Copywriting
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • SEO Content
  • Social Media
  • Web Content

Where can I find writing jobs?

I’ve got an extensive list of companies that will hire you to write for them:

18. Work-At-Home Non-Phone Jobs Correcting Grammar & Spelling

Do you have an eye for grammar and spelling errors when you read something? Do you cringe when you see a professional article with grammatical errors that should have been caught? Proofreading could be the perfect job for you.

I started proofreading in high school when my less English-oriented friends struggled to write educated papers. This continued into my college years as I assisted people to write college-level work.

I’m not a proofreading professional, but some people like Caitlyn Pyle are. She successfully created a proofreading business in which she only worked part-time and STILL made $40,000 per year.

She shares some great proofreading tips and tricks so you can become successful at it too in her FREE ProofreadAnywhere workshop. Check it out if you want to make some great money by simply correcting spelling too.

Where can I find Proofreading & Editing jobs?

In the meantime, once you’ve finished your free proofreading training, here are some great places to find work-from-home proofreading and editing jobs:

19. Work-From-Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

woman with work from home non-phone job as virtual assistant

Are you great at multitasking, organization, and communicating with others? You may consider working as a virtual assistant.

What will I be doing?

As a virtual assistant, you will be helping a business or individual with various tasks that they may not have enough time for (or just don’t care to do). In other words, there are literally hundreds of tasks you could do as a virtual assistant. A few of them may include:

  • Answering emails
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Event planning
  • Travel arrangements
  • Content writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • Social media management

Where can I find Work-From-Home Virtual Assistant jobs?

Unless you have your own virtual assisting company or have a bunch of great business contacts that need the help, your best bet is to find a company that will hire you as a freelancer. This will also allow you to build experience and expertise so you can land the big clients in the future.

Here are some that I recommend:

Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs to Get Out Of the House

These jobs may require you to leave the house and get some fresh air.

20. Work from Home as a Caregiver

woman with non-phone job as caregiver for disabled man in wheelchair

Are you a caring person that loves to make a positive impact on people’s lives? Do you want a meaningful job that leaves you feeling fulfilled each day? Being a caregiver could be the job for you.

Above all, sometimes we all need a little help with our loved ones. You could be the person to provide that assistance for someone else.

What services could I provide?

There are numerous services you could provide as a caregiver. A few ideas include:

  • Childcare
  • Senior Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Pet Care
  • Special Needs
  • Tutoring

Where can I find caregiver jobs?

Some of the most notable and trusted companies I recommend are:

  • Care.com
  • UrbanSitters—babysitting and nanny jobs; earn over $1000 per week and keep 100% of your earnings

21. Cuddle with People and Make Money

I know what you’re thinking, and no this is not a joke. You can get paid to cuddle with people.

Cuddling is known to be relaxing and therapeutic for some. So much so that people are willing to pay for the companionship from others.

If you are a kind, caring, and understanding woman that doesn’t discriminate, then snuggling could be for you. Notice I said “female”. Sorry, guys…your hefty, warm chest won’t cut it this time.

Where can I find a cuddling job?

Snuggle Buddies is always looking for women that meet these criteria. You’d be making $40 per hour plus tips and $15 per hour for travel expenses.

This job is non-sexual, and there are strict guidelines for both clients and snugglers to ensure this policy is kept true. You can also use a fake name and address, which provides you with more protection.

This job is also completely flexible, so it could be worth checking out if you’re into that sort of thing!

22. Non-Phone Pet Service Jobs

man with work at home non-phone job playing with puppy

Do you love dogs? Do you have a dog of your own? (If you have a gray and white Siberian husky with one blue eye and one green eye, then just know that I greatly envy you).

Anyway, your love for man’s best friend could offer great ways to make money that are not only easy but also enjoyable.

What services could I offer for animal parents?

There are several dog services you could provide. Some of those include:

  • Dog walking – Take the dog for a short walk.
  • Dog sitting – like babysitting, but with a dog instead of a baby.
  • In-home training – go to the owner’s home and train their dog.
  • Digital training – virtually teach pet parents how to train their dogs.
  • Boarding – keep the pet overnight at your residence.
  • Drop-in visits – stop by the owner’s home to change pup’s food/water, take it on a bathroom break, etc.

Where can I find a pet service job?

I recommend checking out Wag or Rover. They are both legit, well-known, and highly trusted companies. You can also provide pet care services through Care.com.

23. Non-Phone Jobs Using your Vehicle

work from home non-phone job as driver

Most of us have driven around town aimlessly at least once before. No destination—just enjoying the sites. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to drive around, but get paid for it at the same time?

Nowadays, there are numerous companies that you can work for as an independent contractor to deliver goods. Additionally, you could get paid to advertise on your car or to let people rent your car.

What will I be doing?

When you think of a delivery job, what is the first thing you think of? If you’re like me, your answer was “pizza”.

Luckily, you don’t need to be hungry all day from constantly smelling food. You could deliver groceries, people, mail, and more.

In fact, you don’t have to deliver anything. If you want to just ride around town, you can get ads placed on your car and get paid for that! Or you can choose to not drive at all, and let others rent your vehicle instead.

Where can I find a job using my vehicle?

Here are some great companies I recommend you start with:

If you want to deliver food or groceries, check these out:

If you’re okay giving people rides, try these:

To deliver packages and mail, you can work for these companies:

  • Amazon Delivery
  • USPS
  • FedEx

These companies pay you to advertise on your car:

To let people rent your car, try these companies:

24. Non-Phone Handyman Jobs

man with non-phone job as a handyman fixing sink

Are you a handyman (or woman) that knows how to fix or clean almost anything? Even if you can’t fix everything, is there something specific that you ARE good doing?

Even if you think you aren’t very handy, I can almost guarantee that you are handier than you think! Let me tell you why…

What Cleaning and Handyman tasks could I do?

The tasks you complete don’t need to be immaculate. In other words, just because you aren’t building a house doesn’t mean you don’t have skills that others are willing to pay for. (Although, if you can build a house, give me a call.)

Some tasks you could be doing include:

  • Home cleaningWouldn’t it be nice to blink and your house magically got cleaned?
  • Furniture assemblyYes, someone will pay you to put together a dresser they bought using the instructions in the box.
  • TV Mounting I would totally pay someone for this if my husband wasn’t around.
  • Wall hangingNot everyone can hang their own photos!
  • Home improvement projectslike a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodels, floor installation, etc.
  • Painting
  • Pickup/Delivery
  • Moving
  • Electronics assistance

I could keep going, but hopefully, you get the point by now. You can do almost anything! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks you could pursue.

Where can I find Cleaning and Handyman jobs?

Here are some amazing sites that are legit and easy to use:

25. Help People Move

non-phone at home jobs helping people move

When you moved to a new location, did you wish you had help but didn’t want to pay massive amounts of money to a moving company? Well, other people feel the same way. This is where you come in.

If you lift 100 pounds and have access to transportation, then you have just about everything you need to be a mover!

Where can I find Mover jobs?

Some companies will hire you just for your extra hands to help people load and unload their stuff. Similarly, if you have a truck or vehicle of your own, then you could also be hired as a means of transportation for people that need it for moving.

Whatever type of moving help you choose to provide, here are some companies you can use to find work:

  • Fiverr
  • Bellhops – Make up to $21 an hour + tips and bonuses
  • Goshare – Use your own truck making $33 – $67 per hour.
  • LuggEarn up to $2,500 per week!
  • Thumbtack – Set your own prices.

26. Rent Your Space

Do you have an extra room, house, condo, RV, or even a castle that you aren’t using? (Yes, some people have castles). Why not earn some passive income by allowing others to rent your space.

What companies can I use to rent my space?

There are numerous companies you can use to showcase your space. Most allow you to list for free, then a small percentage will be taken off the top when the room is booked.

Here are some great places for you to consider:

  • Airbnb – List apartments, homes, private rooms, treehouses, castles, and more.
  • Flipkey (by TripAdvisor) – List castles, houseboats, villas, and other premium vacation spots.
  • Vrbo (previously HomeAway) – Beach destinations, resorts, cabins, and more.
  • OneFineStay – luxury vacation apartments and homes.
  • Wimdu – international vacation rentals and apartments.

So, are you ready to check out some work-at-home non-phone jobs?

You have officially stumbled upon a giant list of jobs you can do at home without talking on the phone. Whether you’re an artist, a crafter, a writer, or a cuddler, now you know there are at least 160 ways to make extra money from home.

Now that you’ve read this master list of non-phone work-at-home jobs, which one will you choose? Do you have one of your own that’s not listed?

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work from home non phone jobs you never heard of
work from home non phone jobs you never heard of

160 Work-From-Home Non-Phone Jobs (The Ones You Never Heard Of)

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  1. Kirsten Rosetti

    So many great ideas in this post! I’ve heard of some of these ideas, but you’ve included a bunch I’ve never heard of, like Snuggle Buddies (who would have thought?!) and EasyShift. I love that you’ve covered such a wide variety of jobs. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. The Comfy Coin

      I’m so glad you found it helpful! And yes, Snuggle Buddies is quite an interesting concept… Let me know if there’s anything else you would like to see covered!

  2. Kennedy

    I love this article! During COVID, I was blessed to find not one but TWO jobs that were remote and I love it

    1. The Comfy Coin

      Wow, that is so exciting! What a blessing it was for you indeed. I am so happy to hear that you like this article. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to be covered.

  3. Jenny D

    Wow, what an extensive list. So many option I never even thought of. Definitely going to keep this post handy, thanks so much!

    1. The Comfy Coin

      I’m so glad it was helpful for you! Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see.

  4. John Mulindi

    Am always looking for side hustles, and your post provides some really good recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Comfy Coin

      Hey, it’s my pleasure! Heck, I’m always looking for more side hustles to add to my arsenal, lol. So much so, that I wrote an entire eBook to keep track of them all! If you want it, it’s free. You can check it out here. Again, completely free.

  5. hari

    wow! I really love this post.
    wide range of jobs that one can try and make money.
    so many valuable ideas.
    thanks for sharing this awesome resource.

  6. Suman

    The list is massive. Thanks for bringing this up

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